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why do people care so much if arctic monkeys have done drugs yes most likely yes they were in their early twenties when they got famous alex’s been drunk more than once in stage why do you care why is it important 

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Lonely Pub, Yorkshire, 1964, John Bulmer 
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My idol! @christina_schioeler #guineapig #animals #lol
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I hope you guys all enjoyed the new episode! Here’s the full painting I did to celebrate the season premiere, officially commissioned by the Doctor Who: Earth Conquest documentary!
I had the amazing opportunity to present this artwork to Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat themselves, so this piece really means a lot to me. (Full story on that meeting here!)
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How to play The Sims

  1. spend 3 hours creating your family
  2. spend 3 days creating your house
  3. play the actual game for 20 minutes
  4. do not touch for 4 months
  5. repeat
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Up to where the angels sleep